EA Disclaimer
This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc.
Divisions/Player Requirements
For there to be separate divisions there must be a minimum amount of teams such that each division has a reasonable number of competing teams (minimum eight (8) teams for two divisions and seven (7) teams for three divisions).
For instance, if there are 8-15 teams registered there will only be one (1) division, if there are 16-20 teams registered there will be two (2) divisions, and if there are 21+ teams registered, the tournament will be split into three (3) divisions.
Divisions will be determined by cumulative team K/D, but will not be fixed for all RBW hosted events. The K/D barriers will be determined by finding the median (if two (2) divisions) or median thirds (for three (3) divisions).
Divisions will be determined after registration and before the pre-tournament check-in. If a substitution occurs upon check-in, the set division will not change.
All players must be a minimum of level 50 and may not use a “smurf” account, play on another player’s account, or have another player play on theirs. If one of these rules are broken, the team will be disqualified from the tournament and the entry fee will not be refunded.
Discord Necessity
For purposes of this tournament and other Raised by Wolves (RBW) events, it is mandatory that team leaders are a part of the “Wolves’ Den Discord” and are reasonably comfortable with navigation of the tournament channels (it is recommended that all team members join). For quick reference: list tournament channels (linked) and brief description.
Game Play
All players must put on the following trackers: kills and damage. These trackers must be on any and all legends your team will be playing as. It is recommended that you use the same legend throughout the course of the tournament, but the only requirement is that the kills and damage trackers are put on. All games must be played in public lobbies.
All players must be registered to play. Any substitute must be announced before the start of the tournament during check-in (all reported games must be with the same squad, we will not count games that have other players than the leader announces during check-in).
All teams must have submitted payment no later than one hour before the posted start of the tournament. Play as many games as you can/want during the 3-hour window of the tournament. The first game cannot start before the tournament time window begins and the last game may not start later than five (5) minutes before the end of the tournament. Games played outside these limits will not be allowed during submission and will not be included for scoring.
Once the team has determined which four (4) of the games are their best, the team leader will complete the post-tournament reporting. This is how scores for the tournament will be calculated. You may exit games early without penalty.
Team leaders must register their team on Discord by submitting the team’s name and all expected team members. Player substitutions will occur during the pre-tournament verification/ check-in. All team names must be appropriate and of good taste; a warning will be issued to teams that have an inappropriate name. If the name does not change, RBW will change it for you.
Payment must be made to no later than one (1) hour before the tournament start time. The payment must be made in full. The PayPal account that submits the payment, will be the account that earned rewards will be submitted to.
There will be no refunds. If your team cannot play, you must address a Tournament Administrator (@tourneywolf) before the start of the tournament. There will be no refund, but you will be granted free entry to a following tournament. This tournament entry credit is granted to the player that made the payment. This tournament entry fee will be redeemable for the following three (3) RBW hosted tournaments. If it is not redeemed during any of the following three (3) tournaments, the tournament entry fee credit will expire.
This free entry policy will not be granted to teams that cancel after the tournament start time or to any disqualified team.
Pre-Tournament Verification/Check-In
The pre-tournament verification/ check-in time period is where team leaders will fill out a Google document form that contains information including team name, individual player gamertags and season K/Ds, substitution, payment confirmation, general reminders, etc.
It is vital that the team leader fills out this information accurately and truthfully. Each team may be required to submit additional documentation in order to validate any submitted information. Failure to provide requested information will result in a disqualification.
This form is where team leaders will confirm their team registration and substitute any player(s). Kill/Death ratio (K/D) reported will be season, not lifetime. This is important because it is how RBW will determine divisions for the tournament. Falsifying season K/D, intentionally or not, is grounds for disqualification. If there are questions about any player’s K/D they must submit proof to RBW or risk disqualification.
During this process, the form will remind teams to put on the kills and damage trackers on all legends that they expect to play throughout the tournament. These trackers are important as it allows Tournament Administrators (@tourneywolf) to track and detect potential cheating over the course of the tournament. It is the responsibility of the team leader to relay any and all information or reminders to their team while completing the pre-tournament verification/ check-in.
Streaming Requirements
At least one (1) member from every team must stream the tournament. If no member streams then that team will be disqualified as no verification of scores can happen. No camera is required for your stream but we will always give preference to streams with cameras when we are broadcasting the tournament play. All PC players must be streaming or your team will be disqualified (this is for cheating verification).
Archive mode must be turned on. This ensures your stream is available for viewing after the tournament in your video on demand (VODS). Failure to have this turned on will result in a disqualification, as we are unable to verify scoring. VODS must remain available for public viewing for at least 48 hours after tournament closing.
Please do not start your stream earlier than five (5) minutes before tournament start time and please end your stream by five (5) minutes after your last game. If you are continuing to stream to your viewers please stop the stream and restart it.
Stream titles must contain “RBW” and it is recommended that the full tournament title be used. If a stream crashes during the tournament, that game will not be considered for scoring and no extensions will be given. Further, it is expected that all post-match results are visible. If the stream does not capture the match results, the game cannot be verified and therefore cannot be counted towards your team’s score (possible exception if another team member captures a screenshot).
Allowed streaming platforms are Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.
Server Requirements
All teams must play the tournament games on NA servers. The streaming player(s) must have performance display turned on (found in Apex’s settings). Tournament Administrators will watch latency of teams during the tournament and during the verification process to look out for teams exploiting foreign servers. If you are under suspicion, you may be asked to share your server list with Tournament Administrators (@tourneywolf).
Kill = 2pts
1st Place = 5pts
2nd Place = 3pts
3rd Place = 1pt
Post-Tournament Reporting
The post-tournament reporting will consist of completing another Google document similar to the pre-tournament verification/ check-in.
The form will consist of stream link and title and most importantly, the results from the four (4) games your team will be submitting. Team leaders will be asked to report these games by submitting total team kills as well as match placement. These games must be completed within the time frame, played with the team members announced during the pre-tournament verification/ check-in, verifiable, and in accordance with any other rules outlined in this document.
This document must be submitted within 60 minutes after the end of the tournament. Tournament Administrators (@tournamentwolf) will analyze the scores and then verify games of the podium teams (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) for all divisions. This verification process will include going through streams, checking the pre-tournament verification/ check-in, and may include asking for screenshots from the games, player stats, or any other information. All these steps are in place to ensure accuracy and fairness. Any breaking of rules (e.g. false reporting, impossible verification, etc.) can result in a disqualification from the tournament as outlined later in this document.
Ties will be determined firstly by kill points (rather than total points which include some placement).
If this does not determine a winner of the tie, then the results will also include the total damage across all four (4) submitted games.
Any following tie breakers would follow a contingency plan (very unlikely) based on a series of further tie breakers (e.g. individual with highest kills, revives, etc.).
Rewards will be based off a percentage of recognized cash pool (entrants that pay and do not opt for free entry policy). 1st place will receive 50%, 2nd place will receive 20%, and 3rd place will receive 5% of the recognized cash pool (total amount will be announced at the start of the tournament).
If there are divisions, the total prize pool will be divided fairly amongst divisions. For example if there are two (2) divisions of an equal number of teams, the recognized cash pool will be divided in half (50%). If there are uneven teams, the recognized cash pool will be divided by a slightly different percentage to accommodate.
The podium teams (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finalist) will all also be recognized on Discord and through the official RBW social media platforms.
All platforms will be allowed for RBW hosted tournaments.
In the event that a player(s) cannot participate in the tournament, the team leader must formally document that a player substitution will be made when filling out the pre-tournament verification/ check-in. All four (4) reported games must be played with the same team and must be consistent with the information provided during the pre-tournament verification/ check-in process.
Age Requirements
Players must be 13 years old or older to compete in RBW hosted tournaments. Players younger than 13 years old will be required to submit parental permission to compete.
Tournament Disqualifications
Not following any of the mentioned rules is grounds for warning or disqualification. There will only be one warning allowed. Warnings are not guaranteed.
Not following certain rules is grounds for disqualification including not streaming the games, cheating in anyway, playing without proper registration or payment, toxicity, falsifying K/Ds for division benefit, etc. These and other infractions will be evaluated by the discretion of RBW Tournament Administrators (@tourneywolf).
Tournament Administrators (@tourneywolf) reserve the right to remove any team from the tournament at any time.
These tournament rules are subject to change between tournaments and adapt to create the best experience possible for community members and competitors.
RBW will use its best discretion to make decisions involving the tournament and will have the final say for any questions or issues.